Monday, May 4, 2015

mahirap magpaalam

"Hard to say goodbye"

Hello my beautiful family!!! 

This is it.  I officially have one more transfer.... Whaaaaaaaa?
Sister Maagad avoiding
the camera while cooking :)
I guess the biggest thing that is on my mind right now is how much I miss my companion, Sister Maagad.  Yesterday, she left and I had never cried that hard leaving my companions or anyone on the mission.  She is my sister that I never had.  It is so weird how similar we are and how close we are.  I never 

expected that my long lost sister was Philippina!!! Haha but really I am so sad but I know that it is part of life and part of going on a mission.  She is such an example to me and I can't quite put in words how much I love her or how much I learned from her.  

But she is really going to try and come back in June so you will hopefully get to meet her.  Even with her going home, the reality of going home hasn't quite hit me but I find myself thinking about all the people and the Pilipino things I am going to miss.  Just like it said in my setting apart, the day that I leave will be a day of sorrow.

The Sisters in our Zones and the whole mission have dwindled down.  There are so few sisters, it’s crazy.  Now there
Are only 2 companionships in my stewardship!

But I don't think it will just be the people and the culture that I will miss, but mostly my mission here.  My purpose here.  Talking to everyone and sharing the light that our family has.  Being able to see huge changes in the lives of others and in myself because of the atonement of Jesus Christ.  If I ever come back to the Philippines, it just won't be the same without my black name tag on my chest.

Sister Maagad and I saw some crazy miracles together.  We feel unworthy and it is just evidence to us that the Lord has a great work to do and He uses weak servants to accomplish it.
Nercell Cortez (going on a mission), Sister Morales,
Sister Cortez, The Gatdula Family,
Brother Pamilacan, Sister Maagad  & Me
The Gatdula Family with Brother
Pamilacan in the back.
Last week was the baptism of the Gatdula family (Emy, Charles 15, and Paul 11).  It was so beautiful.  Every single one of them were so prepared.  They are so good about studying the gospel on their own, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, Teachings of the Living Prophets, Our Heritage, etc.  They LOVE it.  Charles is so excited to serve and when Paul bears his testimony he sounds more like a 30 year old.  Haha really though, it's weird, but amazing.  I love this family and I know they will do great things.  We just need to continue to strengthen the father Lito, (already a member who is a little bit slower to come back and progress).

Hahahaha earlier this week I had a "nose-bleed" experience (when Philippinos try to speak English or another language and they are having a hard time they say they're having a nose-bleed).  Haha Sister Maagad and I were sitting next to a rice-field trying to teach Jake (Regine's brother who just moved).  Haha he speaks a different dialect and doesn't really know Tagalog or English.  We were trying to communicate with one another and it was hilarious.  None of us understood one another and there was some sign language thrown in there.  Turns out he's not interested right now but hopefully he felt the spirit despite the language barrier.

But the biggest miracle this week would have to be Brother Pamilacan.  He is doing amazing.  We went and taught him Tuesday night and I swear... he looks so different.  His face really looks different.  Like it is lit up?  The gift of the Holy Ghost.  Cherry (his wife) told us that he made their whole family get together the night before and have family home evening.  They sit in the front at church.  They go to all the activities.  He is studying Doctrine and Covenants.  It is like the only thing that was missing in his conversion before was the actual baptism and confirmation.  He is using that gift of the spirit that was given to him and he is still changing and being converted.  He even baptized our investigators last Saturday, and blessed the sacrament the Sunday before.  Everyone knows he is a joker but he is taking his covenant that he made seriously.

I am so grateful to Sister Brown, Sister Burt, and Sister K and all of the work they did here.  Sometimes I just feel like they did all the planting and I am doing the harvesting but I know God has a purpose to all things, and in my other areas where it appeared I had little success (as far as numbers) I felt the joy of planting and working hard whatever the result might be.

I love missionary work.  I know this church is true.  As I am reading "Our Heritage" and pondering the sacrifices those obscure but stalwart saints made, I am grateful to give a small offering to the building up of the kingdom.  I am inspired by their example of endurance and faith.  Especially that of Joseph Smith.  I can't wrap my mind around everything he went through but I now often think of the fact that he never denied who he was and who he served.
 I hope we can do the same.

I love you!!

Love, Sister Rasmussen

Sister Maagad is my best friend, literally she is my sister that i never had. i will miss her so much

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