Monday, May 18, 2015

apat pang linggo!!

"four more weeks !!"
Me & Sister Melosantos
Hello family!!!

I feel like I don't have too much to tell you.... but it has been another great week and I am trying to soak up the fact that I still have a nametag on my chest.  I was feeling sad about going home and Sister Melosantos reminded me to think about you.... so of course, I miss you so much and am excited to see you so that is the only thing that makes me feel better about going home.

The next person to get baptized is brother Noel Reyes, the one who works abroad.  As of now, he is scheduled to get baptized on May 30th, so we are praying.  At first I was a little bit worried about him getting baptized and then immediately going back to work for 2 years but after talking to President Mangum I felt a lot better about it.  He explained that although it's not the ideal situation, it is ok if his family is strong enough to keep him strong.  I also found out that this is the exact same situation that Sister Melosantos is in... her dad works abroad and got baptized in the month that he came home to visit.  
Me & Sister Melosantos
They still aren't sealed in the temple but that is her hope and prayer for the near future.  It will all work out.  Last night, he said that at first he had tons of questions, didn't really believe, and was a little bit shocked by all the changes that had happened to his family while he was gone.  But he had a spiritual experience with the Book of Mormon and says that he feels much better and although he doesn't understand everything, he can say that that book is true.

Right now we're in the process of building our teaching pool and finding more families and so I'm not quite sure yet who is progressing.

Sister Dicen (do you remember her?  My first Filipino housemate.  Now I am in the same zone with her), me, Sister Occidental, Sister Harding, and Sister Melosantos
Thursday night we went to go teach France and Aldine who we were worried about because they STILL had not come to church.  But by this time, they were doing much better.  Sister France said that the assignment that I gave her in the Book of Mormon helped her SOOO MUCH and that she felt like it was written for her.  It felt good to know that I could receive revelation to help her.  They both committed as a couple to repent and come to church.... and they did.  I was just as happy that they came as I was with our investigators that came.
Me & Sister Harding

Friday, I went on exchanges with Sister Harding... a new missionary here from Virginia.  I love her so much and I am so grateful to work with her because almost everyone in my zone is Philippino!  Trust me I love the Philippinos, but it is nice to have a friend that you can completely relate to.  She is darling but is having a typical training experience.  She is having a hard time speaking the language, of course, and is going through all of the adjustments, but it was so weird to be taken back to my training days and remember experiencing all of that.  

I was glad to be able to help her a little bit.  And we enjoyed the time together to be able to go running... the Philippinos really aren't into running here so I will just have to worry about that when I get home hahah but yeahhhh.... 

Saturday, our ward did an awesome service project for this nanay in the ward.  I am sending some before and after pictures of the house but basically she was living in a shack with half a roof and no walls. So kawawa..... so the priesthood built them a new house and then we weeded her vegetable garden and then cooked lunch for everyone. 


It was super fun and it was cool to see how just a little bit of service could really improve the quality of life for someone.  The nanay and her daughter are such humble faithful members, even though they have next to nothing.  They will usually just walk to church, if they don't have enough money for the fair, although it will take like an hour, and they study the Book of Mormon, D&C, and and Pearl of Great Price all the time.  I really look up to them.  They know true happiness that money can't buy. 

Sister Melosantos

Anyway... I love you family!! Thank you so much for the support.  I hope all is well.


Sister Rasmussen

I am fetching water from a well!!

A baptism from the ward of an 8 year old :)

Me and Sister Suapaia..

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