Monday, April 28, 2014

isa pang linggo dito sa pilapinas! same parin!

(Another week here in pilapinas! still same!)
Magandang Tanghali po!

Sister Richman, Me, Sister Buckly, Sister Kekaouha, & Sister Ott
at McDonalds!
How are all of you? I miss you.  But... we had another great week here in Rosario.  Not one of us were transferred!!! Crazy.  All four of us are going to be here for another 6 weeks.  So nuts.  I am so grateful though.  I love Sister Ott so much.  We have become great friends and she honestly will probably be one of my bridesmaids.  Haha I am so grateful for her, because she helps me to be myself and we laugh all the time.  Sister Dicen is so sweet, and of course I love Sister Hingano.  She is so humble and sweet and just a great companion.  This area is soooo beautiful and most of all we just love the members.  I have grown so close to all of them.  They feel like family.  They are so willing to help with missionary work it is a dream.  Sister Hingano and I have set some pretty steep goals this transfer but we have our eye on the prize and we are ready to work our bums off.  We are so excited about all of our investigators.  Lots of potential and we are always looking for more people to teach.  I think this is the transfer where we will be able to see some of the fruits from our hard work.

Me  & Sister Hingano
"We are ready to work our bums off!"

A couple funny things that happened this week:  I am always the first one to wake up in the mornings.  One day this week I went downstairs to get ready to exercise.  I am standing in the middle of the kitchen when I notice all of this rice that has been spilt on the floor.  That's weird.  Then as I take a closer look (and keep in mind that I am bare foot standing on the floor) and I notice that the rice is moving.  Every piece is moving.  Nope... not rice.  Maggots.  Hahah sooooo gross!!! I started freaking out.  Sister Ott came downstairs and she started spraying permatox all over it.  So nasty.  We killed them and then swept them up.  It came from our garbage.  We didn't have any more garbage bags and so we were trying to use this one as long as possible.  But it smelled soooooo terrible.  We finally took it outside and burned it (one thing that I still haven't completely gotten used to.  Burning my garbage).  Anyway...

The mosquitos and bugs and stuff really aren't bad at all.  I never use bug repellent but I know I should start using it.  But especially in my area right now there isn't much of a problem.  Maybe in the raining season it is worse?

Haha just a funny fact.  Sister Ott and me went to a gym that is near our house this morning.  We think we will do it every p-day.  We got to ride on a stationary bike and on the treadmill and use the machines.

Oh my goodness... We think that our neighbor lady is trying to scam us.  She has been giving us our electricity bill and we think that she has been giving us her bill instead to pay because it is way more.  Anyway we're trying to figure it out.  And if it is true.... it is just sad that she is trying to take advantage of the church.  We should find out this week.  One thing that we might do is just not pay it and if our electricity goes out then we know it is ours but if it's hers then the truth really comes out.  Anyway... it's enough worrying about people's salvation rather than having to deal with our neighbor and the landlady!!

Jason, Me, & Marylin
Another day this week we went to Marylin for her to get interviewed for baptism and while we were waiting outside her husband was plucking the feathers off a freshly killed chicken for dinner.  I don't know what got into me but I asked for the honors to cut off the chicken head.  Hahah the first time I grabbed the head it felt like it was still alive.  I screamed and dropped it.  Haha but finally I got brave and did it.  I officially have cut off a chicken head.

Marylin has been so masipag and reading in the Book of Mormon... we know she is ready but she is going to wait another week.  Jason received the priesthood though and will be able to baptize her.  He will be blessing the sacrament this Sunday and I know he is excited for it.

Another day this week we went to Marylin for her to get interviewed for baptism and while we were waiting outside her husband was plucking the feathers off a freshly killed chicken for dinner.  I don't know what got into me but I asked for the honors to cut off the chicken head.  Hahah the first time I grabbed the head it felt like it was still alive.  I screamed and dropped it.  Haha but finally I got brave and did it.  I officially have cut off a chicken head.

Marylin has been so masipag and reading in the book of mormon... we know she is ready but she is going to wait another week.  Jason received the priesthood though and will be able to baptize her.  He will be blessing the sacrament this sunday and I know he is excited for it.

I am learning a lot about how to become a better teacher and a more effective instrument to help these people take the steps they need to enter into the covenant of baptism and accept the gospel.  But there are little miracles every day.  I love my district and zone. .  And I lovveeeee the elderly couples.  I feel like I just click with them.  They are so sweet and they kind of feel like our grandparents or our aunts and uncles here on the mission.  They come by once a month usually and check on the apartment and drop off packages and stuff like that.

 There was a new sister in my district from Australia that just went home.  Everyone did everything in their power to convince her to stay but she just really wanted to go home.  Who knows what the right choice was for her but I just couldn't help but feel so bad for her.  I have learned so much already and changed in great ways and I have only been here for four months now yata?  Anyway.... I am just so grateful for my growth.  I am grateful that I can grow and become a better wife and mother in the future.  Just a better human being- better daughter of God.  Thank you so so much for your support.   You have no idea how much it means.

But I am just planning on calling you on Skype at about 8 am the Monday after Mother's day which means it will be evening for you but I am not sure what time because of day light savings and stuff like that.  So you will have to let me know.  And it will be a different time for Greg.  But it will be Sunday evening for you both.  I will go to the nicest internet place I can find so that it has good connection.  But yeah... I am excited!!  Although, it feels like I just saw you hahaha
And I just received my real easter package.  It had my favorite candy (pez and nerds) and the pajamas and darling skirts and dresses and headbands and the generation charts.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Ahhhhh it was like Christmas.  Thank you. And Sister Hingano LOVES her pajamas; she just couldn't stop saying how sweet you are.  So thank you.  I love you mom.

I love all of you.  I am so happy to be here.  Probably one of the best decisions I will ever make.  You are in my prayers.

Love Sister Rasmussen

Sister Richman, Sister Ika, & Me

Monday, April 21, 2014

Malagayang Easter!! Pagkabuhay na Mag-uli!!

(Malagayang Easter! Easter Resurrection!)

Berly, Me, Annalyn, Camille, & May Magaling
Hello po!!!

Well this really has been a great week.  We have found many new investigators who are so prepared.  That really is what makes this work so fulfilling.  The people.  To see how they are ready for the gospel, the change in their lives as they learn the truth, and their gratitude.  The field truly is white and ready to harvest.  There are a few experiences that I would like to share.

The Pagsic family in our ward.  Their whole family are members except for the father, Joven.  Joven is a stubborn man.  His wife and children are incredible.  His wife has such a beautiful strong testimony and you can see how great their desire is for their father to accept the gospel.  Many missionaries have taught him in the past but he just won't take that first step for baptism.  He drinks and smokes and the first time we met with him, when we finally got an appointment with him, he reluctantly listened and told us that he just isn't ready, "there are too many temptations at my job.  Probably in a couple years..."  DAW. We left that lesson and felt like it didn't go anywhere and he was kind of a lost cause.  

Well, last week we went to their house again and he was trying to avoid us for a while but we got him to sit down and listen.  He makes everything light and jokes around a lot and I just knew he doesn't take anything we say seriously.  We had planned to teach him the restoration, and his wife started by baring her testimony and started crying.  She expressed how she just prays and hopes and wishes that her husband would accept the gospel.  The spirit was strong and it just overcame me... after his wife shared it was silent for a second and I just had this impression that I needed to be bold with him.  I looked him in the eyes and I said, "Joven, this isn't a joke.  It's not.  This is about your salvation... about your happiness."  I could see his countenance begin to change.  I proceeded to say, "you're my brother and even though I hardly know you, I love you and I, your family, want you to be happy."  We hadn't planned on extending the baptismal invitation to him, but I just did it right then.  I don't know if I have ever been that bold to someone.  He sat there for 30 seconds and he accepted.  He told us that he will be able to give up the alcohol but it is the cigarettes that are hard for him.  Just goes to show how sin actually takes away your agency.  He is addicted.  But we really do love him and we told him we have a plan to help him.  The other sisters have an investigator who smokes and what they did was bought him a big bag of candy and made spiritual cigarettes for him.  They are pieces of paper rolled up with scripture references... so every time he has the urge to smoke he looks at the spiritual cigarette.  I guess anything that can help.  Anyway, that was just a really cool experience for me.

Elder & Sister Smith & Me
We have two golden investigators right now, Ronnie and Helen.  They are this older couple with 5 kids... yata... and we just tracted into them.  To be honest, when we tracted into Ronnie I didn't feel like he was potential, but we taught him anyway.  They have been very interested and they have come to church twice now.  They truly are amazing.  Two lessons ago with them, we had a really hard time getting Helen to pray out loud for us, but we finally convinced her.  We all knelt down and she gave one of the most heartfelt prayers I have ever heard.  So sincere.  Ronnie is a pretty serious guy, he has a more dry sense of humor, and when we stood up he had tears streaming down his face.  He just thanked us over and over for coming and said that this is the change...this is the change that his family has been looking for in their lives.  We will probably have to start with Ronnie and Hellen first, but they really want their children to listen.  Their children are die-hard born agains so we will see.... Anyway, I love them.

Berly, Annalyn, Me, Camille, & May Magaling

One other experience... Earlier this week we went tracting for about two hours.  One girl allowed us to teach her and it was TERRIBLE.  Absolutely terrible.  Probably the worst lesson I have had so far on my mission.  She wasn't listening at all and wouldn't answer our questions.  To be honest it was just awkward... hahah.  Ayaw na ayaw niya sa amin talaga.  

Haha anyway, we left that lesson and I was just feeling discouraged.  We were looking to get something to eat and we decided to try and get one more lesson first.  Before we went out again, we just said one more prayer.  We know that there are so many people prepared here... we just have to find them.  We said one more prayer for Heavenly Father to show us the way.  The next house we ran into, we saw a member outside.  We were talking to her for a sec when I noticed this girl inside the house who was staring at us.  I left Sister Hingano to continue chatting to the member and I went and talked to the girl.  Immediately she was basically begging me to come inside.  I called for Sister Hingano and we taught her.  It was so beautiful.  She has had such a hard life and you could just see in her countenance how she has been searching and waiting for the gospel.  Her name is Maila, she is 19 years old.  Her father left them when she was young and now she has a week old baby but she just separated from her husband.  She was living in Manilla but told us how she worked so that she could get here to Rosario and live with her sister.  She accepted the baptismal invitation and was so grateful that we had come.

Me with My Mission President's wife, Sister Kathryn M. Peterson

My MTC buds, Elder Wooden, Sister Johnson, & Me

Sister Hansen, Me, & Elder Hansen

They celebrate Easter 3 days here!  It's called Holy Week or something like that?  I'm not really sure what they do for it.. but I know that it is a catholic thing and they don't eat any meat for 3 days or something...haha sorry I don't really know any details.  I didn't see any evidences of their celebrations during the week and Easter Sunday was just normal for us so yeah... But we did make some really good food at lunch yesterday as an apartment.  Sister Dicen makes this really good soup thing with vegetables and ginger, pancit, and like a stir fry.  It was good.  Lot's of veggies.
I have been trying to think of funny things that I could share with you.... Sister Hingano and me made the realization that there are dead frogs everywhere.  Smashed ones.  We walked down the road and passed by about 15.  So crazy.  Haha and Sister Ott came home one night and told us that they were walking in the dark and she felt one smash under her foot.  She freaked out.  She said she could feel the guts come out.  So sad.  haha Sorry if that is too graphic.  I can't really think of anything else... same parin....

But it is transfer week so we will find out tomorrow what happens.  It's nerve racking!!  I have a feeling Sister Hingano will get transferred, but we will see.  No one knows.  I just love Rosario with all of my heart.  The members here are incredible and as the work is really beginning to accelerate I don't want to leave!!  
Jason & Marylin's Wedding
The Wedding Party

Sister Hingano, Jason, Marylin w/their baby and me
I love this work.  I love these people.  There are so many little miracles that happen everyday.  I cannot believe how much I have learned and how much more I still have to learn and become.  I am beyond grateful that I made this decision to come out.  I love all of you and miss you.


Sister Rasmussen
Jason's Baptism

District Hike
 Elder Tabbilos, Sister Buckly, me, Sister Ott, and Sister Kekaouha, Sister Leon, and then Elder Wooden is in the tree

Sister Hingano & Me

SisterRichman, SisterKekaouha, Sister Buckly, & Me

Me & Sister Ott

Letter from Sister Hingano

Sister Robynn Rasmussen,

I am doing great as usual. I am so sorry for not mailing you and I told Haley last week that I will mail you today. We are doing great here in Rosario. And me too, I hope that we will be here the next transfer. Haley is so amazing. On the very first day we got here to Rosario I let her to lead in our area and right now I can see her willingness and desire to serve the Lord. She really know her purpose. Her Tagalog is so good, she try to speak in Tagalog as much as she can. And my Tagalog is still needed to improve. 

We been working hard to have our investigator to come to church and we can see their interested in the gospel. We've been work toward our vision to our area, which is why I dont want to be transfer, because I know that me and Haley have the same vision. She dont know how much I learned from her. I really love being her companion. And I am so proud to tell to the other TOngan missionary that she is my companion because she is such a good example to me. 

I missed the TOngan food but not that much. I just eat whatever food here. The only thing I missed about Tonga is my language. :) Haley and Sister Ott wonder why didnt I sing any Tongan song at the apartment, I just wanted to forget myself, forget being a Tongan and Do His work. I love you Sister Robynn. My family is doing fine from Tonga. They are happy to listen from me every Monday. It has been 9 going on 10 months on my mission and it feels like yesterday I got here. Times flies so fast.....

Love you 

Sister Hingano.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Saan ka pupunta?

Sister Hingano, me, Sister Ott & Sister Dicen
Haha well one thing that I have learned about the culture here is that when people ask you where you are going, it really is more of a greeting, or a hello (considering the fact that there is not word for hello in Tagalog, at least not one that anyone uses).  I used to feel a little strange about this greeting, because yeah... it would be weird if in America the very first thing you do is ask someone where they are going.  But it really isn't intended to illicit information at all... I have realized that learning a language must go in hand with learning the culture.  There isn't much use going around talking like a dictionary, because it is much easier for people to want to listen to you, trust you, and hear the gospel when you speak like them.  Anyway, I am trying to learn both as I try to become more and more Philippino!
A couple of interesting facts.  The past 3 days/nights we have been graced by the very loud sound of Muslim prayers/songs/readings?  Haha I don't know.  It doesn't really bother me, but poor Sister Hingano... she hates it!!  Haha she can't focus while we are trying to study.  And sister Ott can't sleep. 
While watching conference I looked down three different times and saw a ginormous cockroach walking along the wall behind my feet.  I don't know if it was the same one every time, but I was impressed with myself as I kept my cool, watch it walk by, and resume watching the speakers.  But then the 4th time I looked down and saw one right by my foot coming the other way!!! I finally freaked out.  I couldn't help it!!! I gasped and put my feet up on the bench, which I know I shouldn't have done.  But anyway, Sister Hingano said, "I didn't even know you were afraid of cockroaches.... why?  They're so small?  You're afraid of cockroaches and mice.  You should be afraid of dogs!!" Haha but dogs are the least of my worries.  Meanwhile, my investigator sitting next to me could not stop laughing at me.  I know I probably just seemed like a ridiculous American and I am really trying to get used to it, but I just can't. We listen to Conference in English.  The big giant auditorium is english and then there was just  a small room with Tagalog which I don't understand.  We're trying to switch that around.  But ahhh it was incredible right?  I loved it.  All of the people sing English hymns because the Tagalog translations are ugly and there are not as many.  So every time they sing, they sing in English:)  There is never a silent time in Fast & Testimony meeting.  I absolutely love my ward.  It's the best.  And I actually bore my testimony last time and it was a really spiritual experience.  I loved it.  
 Anyway...I also actually used to think that I was good at sharing, but seriously these Philippinos are so giving and selfless.  Anytime they are eating, even if they are a stranger on the jeepnee, they will offer you some.  They show their love through food - which reminds me of you mom haha.  Anyway, if you were to ever even hint that you like something that they have, they are ready to give it to you immediately.  No regrets.  I hope that I can become that selfless and giving. 
Earlier this week, we went to go teach a lesson to Vanjie and her husband Ramos.  When we got there, Ramos turned off his loud music that he was jamming to and then went in the back room.  Before we knew it he was gone!  He just left.  Super syang!! We were so sad.  I have heard of a lot of people hiding from the missionaries... even sister Dicen's family before they were converted.  But she expressed to me the gratitude that the missionaries were so persistent, and now she has so many blessings from the gospel in her life.  So, we will continue, because they are both so potential.  Vanjie loves it, and you can really tell that she feels the spirit.  So yes, Ramos left, but right when we were about to teach Vanjie... brown out.  I guess it's like a black out, but for some reason they call it a brown out here.  Anyway, we ended up just teaching her a super short lesson in the pitch black.  We didn't have power for a day and a half.  Anyway, I guess my point is, there are a lot of teaching circumstances that I didn't really foresee before I came on my mission.  Like, the fact that a few weeks ago we were teaching a couple, and the hungry pigs right next to us became so loud that they couldn't hear me reciting the first vision.  Or often times there will be chickens walking around our feet.  Nuts... but I love it here.

This week was a lot slower because we had zone interviews and general conference, and because of the traveling and study time that is necessary before we can go out and proselyte, we weren't even able to go out and work for 3 whole days!  But it's ok, because there was a lot of good personal revelation and self-reflection going on. The interview went well.  It was pretty short, and we talked about our vision for our area.  We were supposed to create a vision for our area with specific goals and so we just discussed it and adjusted it.  Sister Hingano are really excited because we have set some new goals that will push us and test our faith.  I know out of about the 200,000 people that live here in Rosario, there are people here who are prepared for the gospel.  I feel ready to start the new week as a new person.  The next transfer is in a week and a half and I honestly don't think that any changes will be made.  It will be good because Sister Hingano and me work really well together and we are excited about our next goals.  . 
I have recognized that there are two things that I really must develop.  1) faith in Jesus Christ and 2) Charity, His pure love.  I have been studying and pondering both of these continuously, and have become increasingly aware of my weaknesses.  But I hope that unti-unti I can grow and develop these attributes.  I know that as a missionary, I just can't do this without the atonement of Jesus Christ.  None of us can.  We must humble ourselves, and realize that it is only through Jesus Christ that we can really do anything.  Sister Hingano and I have revised our vision for Rosario, but we are sure that out of the 200,000 people here, there are people who are prepared for the gospel.  Really searching for the truth in their lives.  We have set some goals that are going to push ourselves, but I know that it is through our faith that we will be able to accomplish them.  And charity... well that is the driving force behind our work.  If we develop that pure love for the people, for our friends, for our family... for the Lord, then everything else falls into place.  There is nothing else that we would rather do than share the truth, the light, and the happiness of the gospel with others.  You realize how extremely important it is.  Not only will it bless their lives, but we are actually helping them to achieve salvation!!

It is an important work and I am so grateful to be here.  I shutter at the thought of the person that I would have been had I not come and learned the things that I am learning.  I love this gospel with all my heart.  I love Jesus Christ, and I know it is only through him, through His atonement, through obey thing the ordinances and principles of the gospel - that we can overcome death.  We can obtain walang-katapusang kaligayahan.

I love all of you!  Thank you for your love and support.  You are in my prayers.

Sister Rasmussen

Kita kits

Monday, April 7, 2014

Kumusta po kayong lahat?

That's Hazel, Danico, and the little girl is Sarah.  She is by far my favorite little girl.  So cute. 
 Hello po sa aking pamiliya!!

 I know that last week my letter was lame but I ran out of time!  It is so hard to e-mail individual letters back AND write a good family letter.  So this time I will write the family letter first and try and type like lightening.  I also made a list of things that I wanted to tell you so that hopefully it would be a little more quick.
So a few funny things that have happened to me here in the beautiful yet crazy country of the Philippines:

Last week, the other sisters got home before us.  When we came home they had left the front door open (which isn't a big deal, we usually leave it open while we are home to let the wind in.  Plus we have a big giant gate around our apartment that we keep locked so it is safe).  We have to be home by 8:30 pm.  Anyway, Sister Hingano and me walked up to the apartment and started unlocking the gate and a cat casually just walked out of apartment.  nonchalant.  Haha soooo funny.  It scared us way bad and then we laughed about it.

Sister Hingano, Sister Ott & Me in front of our house
While running with Sister Ott in the morning, it was the first time that I have had to dodge a ginormous dead rat just chilling the road.  When we got back, our 11 year old neighbor was driving him and his family out of our subdivision.  Naturally.

Last week, there was a huge birthday celebration at Nanay Corachea's and I unknowingly ate goat.  I didn't know but it tasted good haha.  I forgot to mention that last month I ate liver.. MOST DISGUSTING THING EVER.  I will never eat that again.

On Wednesday, we went to teach an investigator and she insisted that we eat.  The rice looked a little sketchy but I didn't want to be rude.  I felt something sobrang hard in my mouth.  I pulled it out.  A rock.  hahaha.  I just laughed.

Also, have I mentioned that I have seen more public breast-feeding than I ever dreamt I would see in my life?  Haha it is such a casual thing here.  On the street, in sacrament meeting, in our small, intimate, close quartered lessons.  Haha and the other night..... ohhhh my gooodnesss.... hahahaha Nanay Mercey (You call older people by Nanay and Tatay which means mom and dad).  Anyway, Nanay Mercey agreed to work with us with a few of our investigators and she was getting ready.  I turn around and she says, "Wait na lang sister!" and then.... she straight up flashed me!!!! haha I think she was trying to tell me that she didn't have a bras or something?  But she straight up flashed me.  I was SHOCKED.  And keep in mind this is a Nanay.... ibig sabihin older woman.  Hahahah it was so funny though.  It was just so outrageous I couldn't help but laugh.

My worst fear now, is officially hungry pigs.  Right next to the house of Jason and Marylin is a giant pig coop, cage, stye, area (haha I don't know the name.  That's how unfamiliar I am with farms).  Anyway, if they are hungry, it is the scariest sight you have ever seen.  They are soooooo loud and jumping and climbing all over each other, slobber everywhere.  They will hoist themselves up so their feet are hanging over their cage.  I can't be near them when they are hungry like that.  NAKAKAKILABOT!!!

I'm not afraid to kill the biggest spiders anymore, and I have seen more than a few cockroaches that are bigger than my thumb.

Haha but despite the scary and ridiculous sights here, there is a lot of beauty.  We get to walk through rice fields to a lot of our investigators and it is breathtaking.  These huge bright green fields and they smell so fresh.  Whenever we trek to the Cantos family, it is evening and there was a tree filled with fireflies (My first time ever seeing fireflies).  Because there aren't many lights, the stars are many and bright.

Two mornings ago we were exercising and this little boy, 8 years old, came up to us.  His name is Aaron.  We were jump roping and we invited him to join.  Magaling siya!!!  Then we raced him up and down the street.  So fun.  His voice is so cute and I love the way the little kids speak Tagalog.  And their sentences are full of 'po's so that they are respectful to those older than them.  So cute.

Yesterday, Sister Ott & Sister Dicen made him get in the the tricycle with them on the way to church.  He watched me as I played piano.  We're hoping that we can teach his parents.  I have said it before, but seriously the people here are so beautiful, funny, hospitable, kind, selfless.  I love them.  I love the people here in Rosario and the members of the ward.  I will be very sad to leave this area.  We will probably get a hint of what will happen at the next transfer on Friday, because we have our first zone interviews.  The President will interview all of us individually.

But the pinaka-mabuting aspect of being a missionary is teaching.  Seeing your investigators progress, feel the spirit, and change.  Sister Hingano and me are so excited about our investigators right now.  So I think I hinted at it last week, but last week we tracted this woman named Vanji.  She was walking to the store and we started talking to her.  I figured that she had stuff to do but I asked her if we could just come and teach her right then.  She agreed excitedly and her husband was home.  They have both been through multiple religions and are really searching for the truth (which is bihira, or rare here because everyone is catholic).  Anyway, the spirit was strong as we taught them and as the wife was reading how to pray, just READING how to pray she started crying.  Neither of them would pray, so as I was praying she started crying and crying.  I know she felt the spirit.  We went back to teach them this week, and unfortunately the husband wasn't home.  But it went really well with the wife, and after scriptures and some convincing she agreed to pray, and again, tears were streaming down her face.  We picked her up for church yesterday, and she had a really good experience.  It was a great testimony meeting and I think that she could feel the strength from the member's testimonies.  Her husbands name is Ramos, and we're meeting with both of them this week.  He is convinced that God and Jesus Christ are the same person so we are going to have to work with him a little bit but they are super potential.  We have faith.

Also, Marylin will be getting baptized at the end of the month.  She is ready and Jason will be able to baptize her.  Jason was baptized on Saturday, and we 4 all sang my new favorite hymn "Brightly Beams our Father's Mercy."  Last night we taught Marylin and he told her that when she is baptized she will know this is the true church.  He said that he didn't feel anything different at the actual baptism.  But he said that when he was confirmed in sacrament meeting, he felt something really different.  He said that he felt a burning feeling and he didn't know how to describe it.  Siyempre the Holy Ghost:)  Then he said that when he sat down he just kept having this prompting to bear his testimony and he tried to ignore it because he was shy daw but he finally got up and it was such a simple sincere testimony.  He is very excited for his wife and family.

Yesterday Tatay Ronnie came to church, another man that we tracted into.  We have taught his family a couple times and they didn't seem very interested at first but now they are finally seeing the difference of our message.  Ronnie was really excited at church and had lots of questions during Sunday school.  We are going back to teach his family tonight and we will show the restoration video.  It is weird because as we went back in our area book, we saw that one of the Elders taught them before but only once and never even followed up with them.  I guess it is just about timing, but we are really excited about them.

We have a few other investigators that we have faith in.  It is so fulfilling to share the gospel.  I have never been happier as a missionary.  I am so grateful for this time.  I love Sister Hingano and my housemates.  My President is strict but absolutely incredible.  I will be sad when he leaves in June, but I am sure the new one will be just as great.
I love all of you so much, and I just want you to know that I know with all of my being that this is the true gospel on earth today.  By the power of the Holy Ghost, I know that the Book of Mormon is true, Joseph Smith is a true prophet, the gospel of Jesus Christ is restored on earth again.  We are so lucky to have this truth and I encourage all of you to share as much as you can.  Be an example for those who don't have the truth.
I love all of you.  You're in my prayers.

Sister Rasmussen