Monday, April 21, 2014

Letter from Sister Hingano

Sister Robynn Rasmussen,

I am doing great as usual. I am so sorry for not mailing you and I told Haley last week that I will mail you today. We are doing great here in Rosario. And me too, I hope that we will be here the next transfer. Haley is so amazing. On the very first day we got here to Rosario I let her to lead in our area and right now I can see her willingness and desire to serve the Lord. She really know her purpose. Her Tagalog is so good, she try to speak in Tagalog as much as she can. And my Tagalog is still needed to improve. 

We been working hard to have our investigator to come to church and we can see their interested in the gospel. We've been work toward our vision to our area, which is why I dont want to be transfer, because I know that me and Haley have the same vision. She dont know how much I learned from her. I really love being her companion. And I am so proud to tell to the other TOngan missionary that she is my companion because she is such a good example to me. 

I missed the TOngan food but not that much. I just eat whatever food here. The only thing I missed about Tonga is my language. :) Haley and Sister Ott wonder why didnt I sing any Tongan song at the apartment, I just wanted to forget myself, forget being a Tongan and Do His work. I love you Sister Robynn. My family is doing fine from Tonga. They are happy to listen from me every Monday. It has been 9 going on 10 months on my mission and it feels like yesterday I got here. Times flies so fast.....

Love you 

Sister Hingano.

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