Monday, May 11, 2015

Magtiis hanggang wakas! at.... mahal kita nanay!!!

"Endure to the end! and .... I love you mom !!!"
 First things first,
Me & my new companion Sister Melosantos
 Catholic festival.  All of the little girls dress up in crazy expensive dresses, wear tons of makeup and parade around.
Monday was awesome.  I was working with one of my housemates because both of our companions went home.  Actually she woke up that morning wanting to go with the Zone to the beach but it would have taken 5 hours just to travel let alone the actual p-day there, so based on the past experiences that we have had I really felt that we shouldn't go.  I told her... which wasn't easy... and at first she was sad about it.  We cleaned, studied, and then we found out that President was actually coming to our apartment so it all worked out.  And then after we were able to finish everything we went out and saw some miracles.  We went and visited Aldine and France because they haven't come to church in a while and we were worried about them.  When we went to go to their house, France was alone.  Apparently they have been having some major problems, which is why they didn't come to church.  But because they have been so busy, that was the first time that we were able to go and visit them.  She opened up to us and said that she took down the temple picture in their room and was losing hope.  It turned out that the exact scripture that I read that morning in our studies was what she needed to read!  She burst into tears while reading it and couldn't believe that it was so perfect for her and that I had just stumbled over it earlier that morning.  She realized what it is that she needs to do.
Then, we taught Raymond and Maryfe who have also been away for a long time because their son got chicken pox.  My housemate had an amazing experience as she explained how she had experienced the same thing as their family and boldy testified to them of Jesus Christ and that we must stay true to our covenant to him.

It ended up being such a beautiful day, and the whole thing could have never happened or been ruined had we gone with the Zone to the beach.

I really look up to Sister Galabay.  They have a lot of kids in their family, and she is the oldest.  Her dad is a farmer, and at one point while they were growing up, they didn't have enough money to travel to church.  So they would all leave by 6:00 am in the morning and walk as a family!  It took them about 2 1/2 hours.  Then they would do the exact same thing to get home.  She also worked a lot for her family by herself in Cebu before she left for her mission.  She has sacrificed a lot to be able to be here and she has had almost every kind of trial that you can imagine.  But because of that, she is such an incredible instrument of the Lord and she can testify, with no guile or hypocrisy, because she lives the doctrine!!!  She has strengthened my faith and I hoped that sharing her story with you could strengthen your faith as well.


My new companion got here on Thursday!  Sister Melosantos.  I am soooo grateful to Heavenly Father for blessing me with her for my last transfer.  She is so humble and loving and will be an amazing new STL.  I know that she will take care of all these people here in Sta. Cruz when I leave.  She has been out for one year and is also the youngest of three, with two older brothers.  She is such an obedient, consecrated missionary and I am so excited to be able to learn from her.
Elder Adamson, Me & Elder
The next day we went straight to MLC which was completely different this time.  They showed us the numbers of our mission compared to the other missions in the Philippines, and sad to say, we are lower than average.  Much lower.  So President decided to leave the room so that we could discuss as a council our plan as leaders to help change this mission and help the missionaries to see the Lord's vision for this area.  It was so cool as we all put in our ideas and analyzed the mission as leaders.  President Mangum has done SO MUCH as our president and is absolutely incredible, but we all realized and felt that it was us leaders who were lacking.  So we are excited for this next transfer to try and help each missionary to feel the feelings they felt when they were set apart and to harvest souls!  I am excited to try and help as much as possible before I go home.  As sad and disappointing as it was to see the numbers... it also gave us hope and excitement for the room for improvement.

Saturday, we taught Noel Reyes, Lynn Reyes' husband.  He is the one who has been working abroad.  He doesn't understand everything and is pretty confused still but has a strong desire to know whether or not these things are true and he also wants to be baptized before he goes again.  He leaves the first of June, so as of now, his goal is to be baptized May 30.  We are hoping and praying.  I know Sister Melosantos is also supposed to be here for their family because she actually grew up in the EXACT SAME SITUATION... her dad was working abroad and then when he came home for a month, he got baptized before going out to work again.  We'll seeeeeeee.....
Brother Ading Barcenas, Me, Sister Charmaine, Sister Melosantos
Sister Regine & Brother Willy

Saturday night was Charmaine's baptism.  Grave naman!!! She is so converted.  It was a short and simple service but the spirit was strong.  She reads and re-reads the Book of Mormon and she wants to make sure she understands every word.  I just hope her husband will follow her example in the near future.   As of now, he doesn't want to listen.


ANYWAY....... the work is always moving forward.  I am sorry if this is boring but for me it has been a week full of miracles.  I love all of you so much.  Thank you thank you thank you for your love and support.  You are in my prayers every night.

God be with you till we meet again.... 5 weeks na lang!!!

Love Sister Rasmussen!
Sister Maagad & Sister Japus and the rest of the missionaries
at the Mission Home before
"Returning Home with Honor".
Sister Maagad and her family
Skyping with the family on Mother's Day
at the Cortez home.
What's for dinner?
haha I didn't eat that but I would have.  It's actually really good.  Just eat around the eyes and bones hahaha

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