Monday, April 27, 2015


Sister Krisubanu, Sister Maagad & Me
Hello my beautiful family!!! How are all of you?  I can't wait to see you on Mother's day!!!

A lot of miracles happened this week.  Sta. Cruz truly is the promised land.

Ding Barcenas, Regine & Willy
Earlier this week, we were a little bit nervous about Willy and Regine getting interviewed, because they just haven't had a great education and often times forget the things that we teach them.  But when we did the pre-interview, we could tell that although they don't understand everything, they truly feel it.  Sister Regine shared such a short but powerful testimony about how she has been changed by the gospel.  How she had many vices before and she was disobedient to her parents, but now she has changed and been made clean.  Willy also bore a similar, short, and powerful testimony.  They simply apply the principles of the gospel and because of that, and through the atonement, they are different.  They are true disciples of Christ.  Their baptism was really simple and the spirit was strong.  Haha last minute we decided to sing with the other two sisters in the apartment and Sister Maagad played on the recorder.  We didn't practice at all and in the middle Sister Maagad hit a really high note and I was singing the wrong lyrics.  I couldn't help but burst out laughing.  It was really bad.  Hahaha but it lightened up the mood.. afterwards Sister Maagad and I gave a short workshop that helped to bring back the spirit.  But I am so happy for Regine and Willy.  Ding Barcenas went early to the church, cleaned the font, and baptized them.  He is so awesome!! I hope he receives the Melchizedek priesthood soon.

I had one OYM (Open Your Mouth) on a jeepnee a few weeks ago that has never left my mind.  Jellie Rubia.  One day when we were in her area we finally decided to find and teach her.  We kept talking to people along the way as we were asking around but I just kept thinking, even if they agreed to let us teach them we should just keep going and go teach sister Jellie.  We magically went directly to her house and the last old woman that we asked laughed and said, "Haha, Jellie keeps asking if there have been any missionaries looking for her."  We went and taught her a quick lesson and I can tell she is really interested.  The spirit really does just work through those small feelings and impressions.  Nothing big.  Just little thoughts, and as you follow, you will receive more.

I don't really have anything else to share.  It has been a busy week and the Gatdula family will be getting baptized on May 2.  Sister Emy, Charles, and Paul.  They are so darling and so prepared.

 The amount of sisters here in the mission is shrinking so we are only over 6 sisters (2 in my ward, and 4 in the other) 

But I do want to share a talk with you that was so powerful to me.  By President Hugh B. Brown (one of my all-time favorites).

I know that Joseph Smith is a true prophet of God.  I know that no one could have accomplished the translation (or the false writing of) the Book of Mormon without the help and power of God.  I know that the Book of Mormon is true because it is full of light and truth and every time I read it I want to be better.  I hope all of us will give importance to the Book of Mormon and find time to read it every day.  Many people died for the cause of the Book of Mormon... just so we could so easily access it now, at the tip of our fingers.

I love all of you so much!!! You are in my prayers.
Love Sister Rasmussen

Sister Galabay, Sister Maagad, Me, Sister Nercell Cortez & Sister Japus
Front: Sister Cortez, Sister Nercell Cortez
Back: Sister Maagad, Me, Sister Galabay, Sister Morales,
Sister Japus, Sister Donna Espiritu, Sister, & Sister Pamilacan

Grandpa Rasmussen would say "one girl is a whole girl, two girls is 1/2 girl and 3 girls is no girls at all :D"

    Lunch for the Crew!                     Our Water!


The Cortez Family who I love!
Sister Japus, Sister, Sister Maagad, Sister Krisubanu,
Sister Galabay, Sister, & Me
Sister Maagad, Sister Krisubanu & Me

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