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Sunday, June 21st

Sunday, June 21st
Today we went to church in Sta. Cruz.  I was by far closest to the people here because I had stayed there for 7 months or 5 transfers.  It feels like home.  I was excited to have everyone meet my parents.  A lot of the people that I loved and served and taught were there and I said goodbye to them.  Church was good.  They had me bare my final testimony of course.  My dad really liked Priesthood I remember.  We took lots and lots of pictures.

Afterwards we visited more members.  I think we also dropped by my apartment there and gave my old housemates and companions some stuff.
Our Study Area
Our bedroom
Our Kitchen

Sister Galabay was so grateful because we just gave her one of my suitcases and she really needed it.  She is so poor and has made so much sacrifice to serve.  She really is such a beautiful, strong example to me of consecration.  She cried when she gave me a hug goodbye.  It was sort of hard to see a different sister in my place, teaching new investigators and giving up that area I had loved for such a long time.  But I know it is what the Lord needed at that time and my time to go home had come.

I really had been in denial a little bit about going home.  Sister Melosantos reminded me that I just can’t be a missionary forever.  Life must go on.
View out our window

After church we visited some of my favorite families in Santa Cruz.

That night we went and visited President Mangum, his wife, and all of the Elders and Sisters in the office.  They made us dinner which was really nice because we didn’t want to go out on a Sunday.  It is funny, I still feel pretty intimidated by President Mangum even though I love him so much.  But I think my dad got him to relax a little bit by cracking jokes.  It was a really delicious dinner and it was hard for me to say goodbye to that mission home.  It was so nostalgic to me and I could remember vividly the day I had arrived.

Children always stand at the gate & ask for candy
A Frog

Our drive to the city of San Pablo.

Traffic jam

Our driver's van

Trikes lined up on the side of the road


Rice field along the road
I really wanted to show my parents this beautiful lake that we would ride bikes around so we ended up staying in San Pablo that night.  It was shockingly the worst hotel, but still fun!

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