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Saturday, June 20th

Saturday, June 20th
We packed up and came back to the main island.  Our driver took us on a beautiful more scenic route to Sta. Cruz.  On our way we saw this beautiful, fun restaurant with tons of statues and a river floating through it called “Isdaan.”  We spontaneously turned around and decided to have lunch there.  It was pretty pricey for the Philippines but very delicious.  We got lots of food and there was some boys going around playing music for us, and I had them play me one of my favorite Filipino songs, “Chinito.”

 I wanted my parents to try their famous “buko pie” which is just a coconut pie.  Thinking back, I loved it while I was there but it is nothing that I would crave now.  

We took a beautiful ride back to Sta. Cruz area and we went and looked at different wood carvings deciding if we wanted to get anything and decided it wasn’t really worth it, although it was cool to see all of the different things that they had created.

Riding in a trike

We got a flat tire and found this nail in it...

Computer Cafe where I would email letters home

Rice field on the side of the road.

From the Back...

From the side...

Market where I shopped

That night, we went to dinner at the Cortez family’s house, where they had cooked about 6 entrees for us.  It was very authentic and delicious to me, but I am not sure how much my parents liked it.  Either way it was such a nice gesture and it was fun to visit with them.
We went back and stayed in the hotel where we originally stayed in Sta. Cruz.  We couldn’t believe how fast the trip was going and how much we had done.  We were tired and it was nice to relax.
Sister Cortez made all of my favorite dishes

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