Monday, March 2, 2015

Letter from Haley's Companion, Sister Maagad

Hi Sister and Brother Rasmussen,

Actually, I dont know what to say cuz im not good at speaking/writing english but i wil try my very best.:)

Yes im from visayas which is in the middle part of the philippines.. im close to the cebu temple where i was endowed. My family is crazy sister and i have a step dad whose from new zealand. I never had a chance to really feel the "dad love" so it's my first time to have a dad.. We are five in the family and im in the middle.. 3 of us served a mission.. my sister went home last october and my brother is next week.. im excited to see them all and they are getting married soon.. sister rasmussen knows the story of my life but overall, im happy that i became a member of this church. I am just a convert but i will never regret the decision i made..'s a miracle for my family to be a member of this true church. Im just 1 month ahead from sister rasmussen but i feel like she's been out longer than me..

sister rasmussen told me about that story and it's really amazing that she is here right now and shes my companion.. your daughter is a blessing to me especially at this very moment.  every time that im having a hard time, she's is always there for me to smile. she's a crazy missionary and very spiritual..she helps me to be more obedient and i really love her for being a good example to me.. im learning a lot of things from her and she is really helping me a lot in my mission. She knows the word "obedience" and im really grateful that you let her serve here in the philippines...we really need her! she is helping me in a way that she cant even notice. im just so grateful for her because i thought that being an stl will be hard, she is helping me to see that its easy and that it will benefit me.. i love your daughter sister!!! she is one of the americans that i really like here in the mission.. actually she is helping me for my byu application..

thank you for sharing your missionary work experiences sister.. its strengthens my testimony too and i just love seeing miracles all over the world! :) i cracked up when you said about the filipino sister.. we do love rice and we live by rice! :)

im looking forward for this incredible cycle with sister ras.. the best is yet to come with her..

thank you so much for your email.. i really appreciate it cuz my family dont email me usually so thank you! have a great day!!

P.S. your daughter is training me. :)
Sister Maagad

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