Monday, March 16, 2015

Hello beautiful family

Sisters Richman, Dula, Keleher, koi, Taufa, Krisubanu, Cortez, Tzanis, Me, Maagad, Japus, & Lorente

Hello!! How is it Monday again?  This is going too fast.

Earlier this week, we were able to teach Raymond Sanchez and he is progressing wonderfully.  Haha he is hilarious in the lessons.  He is really talkative and is always joking.  He says that he likes to laugh and have fun in the lessons so it's always a riot.  Haha he told us that apparently when he first met the missionaries he didn't want to be taught.  It really is just because he was shy/ashamed that he didn't know the answers to any questions about the gospel.  He also was struggling with Word of Wisdom and he knows that it is a commandment in the church.  Haha he said that missionaries used to come to his house and they would be all sweet and smiling and saying in a high voice, "we're soo excited to teach you brother!" hahaha and then he would respond in a high sweet voice, "me tooo!!!" hahaha but deep inside he was dying and didn't want to at all.  Haha then apparently he didn't want to have me teach him because I seemed strict or serious...? Hahaha (apparently I haven't been smiling as much lately? ano ba iyan?? which I didn't even notice or realize was happening but it's my new goal. Smile always.  That's not me?)  Anyway, after getting to know Sister Maagad and I he realized that we're not like that.  Every time after the lesson he is always surprised and says he feels like he's left on a cliff-hanger... he always feels like the lessons are too short.  So last time, he stayed and listened in for Aldine's lesson too.  Haha Aldine also said that it was only to me that he was able to really start reading and progressing.  They were attributing it to me but I know that it really is just the timing of everything and the spirit working on him.  But still, it felt good to know that there are some people prepared for me to teach :)  He's so awesome and is really excited about his baptism.  He has already stopped drinking coffee and smoking and has such a strong desire to be sealed in the temple.  iyaaannnn.

I went on an exchange earlier this week with a new missionary.  She is really struggling with Tagalog and it brought back memories of my first few months out here in the mission.  At some point you just have to laugh it off.  Haha I really admire her because she is so confident with what she is saying.  To be honest, sometimes I couldn't understand anything she was saying, and I am pretty sure that the investigators had no clue... but the spirit was really strong.  Because her testimony is so strong and she had so much conviction in what she was saying, you could really feel the spirit.  In the end I know that is the most important thing that needs to happen in the lesson.
Sister Conching & me
Sister Conching has been working with us quite a bit and I think she is getting a little tired from all the walking but she says she loves it and it makes her feel younger.  I was quite impressed with her agility at age 60 as we were walking through the rice fields and across bridges.  She ended up just going bare foot part of the way.  She says she loves it and she sees so many blessings in her life from being a member.  She said that at one point, she didn't think she would have enough money to pay her tithing.  She was really praying that she would have some customers (she is a seamstress) and this week she has been blessed with an overflow of work.  She now has enough money to pay her tithing and she has a good testimony of prayer.  She has also already finished the Book of Mormon.  As I was working with her yesterday, she said how although she has only known the missionaries for a short time, she feels so close to them and knows that she will have a life-long relationship with them because they have changed her life.  She says that we are her adopted daughters.  I can't wait for you to meet her!!
 We did an FHE and used charcoal to put on the face
 if you lost for a punishment

Lastly, we are teaching Brother Pamilacan much more frequently these days.  He is a year-old investigator and is only a few occasional shots away from getting baptized.  That is his only problem... the social pressure of drinking.  The reason he has been taught so long is because he comes to church every Sunday, reads and prays.  We feel that this is his time... AND President Mangum is going to come work with us and teach him tonight.  We invited him to come and be a member present so it's going to be a very interesting/spiritual experience.  I'll let you know how it goes.  I really feel that Sister Maagad will be the one to help him though.  Apparently her and Sister Smart had a similar investigator in their last area who had been taught on and off for 10 years (or maybe longer?) but they were finally able to baptize him.  We are praying for him like crazy... and I know if it happens it will also be the answer to sweat, blood, tears, and prayers of many missionaries who have preceded me.

But this area is so beautiful.  I would be so happy if it were my last area... even if that meant I would be here for 7 1/2 months!!! But I doubt that will happen.  I have never felt so unsure about what will happen next transfer... but I have a feeling that I will be staying one more.  Sister Maagad and I still have work to do here.  I love her so much and we are learning tons from each other.  With lots of laughing our bums off along the way.
I love all of you!!! 
Oh and by the way.... it is my last zone conference on Friday and so I will be bearing my testimony...How is this really coming to an end?  I am still in denial.
But I really do know that this is the true church on earth.  I know that the gospel is the only way to happiness.  I know that sometimes we feel down or struggle, but as we endure and continue in our faith in Christ, He will someday welcome us into his presence, as families, to live with a fullness of joy.  Let's not forget our real goal.

I love you!!!
Love, Sister Rasmussen

There is a well at the house of one of our investigators.  That is the water they use! Well water! And that is how they get it out.
Sister Rasmussen & Elder Rasmussen

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