Monday, March 2, 2015

Isa pang nagbalikloob!

"Another nagbalikloob!"

Sister Maagad & Me
Hello po family!!!

Another crazy fast and crazy miraculous week.  Once again, I am truly the "unprofitable servant" here in Sta. Cruz (especially with Sister Maagad -master teacher).  But really... this land is blessed and all you have to do is turn your head to find another person prepared for the gospel.

Sister Morales & Me
We contacted a referral this week who is INCREDIBLE.  Risabell Capbilan.  We taught her and her husband and her two boys.  She texted us about 5 times to make sure that we were coming (which is super rare here), and when we got there they were all ready to listen.  She explained that she used to live with some of her cousins on the top of this mountain where the missionaries went and taught them a few times.  She said that she can never forget the feeling that she had while they taught and just felt like everything they taught was correct, compared to the beliefs in the catholic church.  She remembered the nature of the godhead, how to pray, and the plan of salvation.  It was an amazing lesson.  Later in the week, we went to go teach her and she told us horrible stories about how her mom tried to "give" her and her sisters to her step-dad for money.  Sometimes the stuff that goes down here is so crazy.  She was talking about how she still loves her mom but it is so hard for her to understand or to forgive.  We had a powerful lesson about the atonement and I know that they are all eager to change.  So exciting.  Another WHOLE family :)  I wish those mountaineering elders knew that we are teaching her.
Splits with Sister Morales, Me & Sister
We kept receiving promptings to teach Aldine about the importance of confirmation, so the Wednesday before his baptism we talked about the importance of the gift of the Holy Ghost and even the blessing that he would receive afterwards.  He said how his boss wouldn't allow him to have the day off on Saturday to get baptized but he kept feeling prompted to ask again.  He prayed sincerely that his boss would agree and he tried one last time and he finally agreed.  Satan was working on him before his baptism.
Me, Aldine, France W/Cloven, Francis (a member who baptized him) & Sister Maagad
 He officially was baptized 1:00 pm on February 28th, Mom's birthday!!! It was such a simple but spiritual baptism.  The best part was when he got up to bear his testimony - one of the most sincere beautiful testimonies that I have ever heard...
We actually forgot to teach him about how to bear a testimony but it was perfect!!!  He started by talking about how the church has changed his life.  How he knows that it is the only true church on earth, and that he used to argue with his wife France and leave to go drink but now they have a good relationship and they read and pray together.  He said that he feels Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ's love, and that he knows we have a living prophet, even though he has never met Thomas S. Monson.  He knows the Book of Mormon is true because he always wants to 

France, Cloven & AldineHe knows the Book of Mormon is true because he always wants to be 
a better person every time he reads it.  He stopped and bore testimony directly to his brother-in-law, our investigator, Raymond and said, "For all those who aren't members of this church," (hahah he was the only one) "I know for a fact that this is the true church, and if you 

 are baptized, you will be changed."It was so powerful!! He is so converted and touched on all of the basic foundational doctrines!!! I am so happy.  The next day he showed up in a white shirt and tie to receive the Holy Ghost and the Aaronic priesthood.  Ding Barcenas and Gilbert Salvador also showed up in white for the first time to bless and pass the sacrament.  It was such a fulfilling Sunday.... true joy.

Later that night, Sister Charmaine, a fairly new investigator explained that she prayed about the Book of Mormon and received an answer.  Then Saturday night, after reading our text inviting her to church, she prayed to ask if this is the true church and that night she had a dream about going to church... I'm not really sure about all the details... basta she and her 3 siblings-in-law also came!! Ahhh so good.
Just me with the sisters at district meeting.

Something funny that happened this week.... there was a down syndrome kid who came in the chapel and was jamming out on the piano when we were trying to start relief society.  Haha so Sister Maagad and I tried to get him out.  It was hilarious.  I wish there was a video.  I always see him in our neighborhood but I don't think his parents ever watch or take care of him.  He just wandered into the church.  We tried to get him to leave and he kept jamming out singing like R&B and then we finally got him outside the building and he started crumping and rapping.  Then I almost had a heart-attack when he jumped on the curve and acted like he was going to do a back-flip.  Haha I couldn't stop laughing.  He was so cute... Sister Maagad is going into special education and after that 30 minute experience she was questioning if she still wants to do that.  Anyway.... it reminded me of Stu and it made me miss him..
Sister Morales, Sister Donna Espiritu & Me
Black eyehahahah no it's
from my mascara,
hahahah I rubbed my eye
Some other fun facts: Sister Maagad and I always get halo-halo (shaved ice with corn, beans, ube, jellie, and other random stuff.  super pinoy (philipino), a lady in the ward always sells homemade sio-mai on the street so every time we are there we get it.  I also decided that I will try the bbq blood that they serve, bbq chicken foot, and bbq intestine.  I will let you know how it goes.  I have to try it at least once while I am here.  It looks so gross.  Another night this week, I feel bad... but I have a fake cockroach and while Sister Kelleher was doing laundry I set it on her shoulder and then started freaking out like it was real.  She FLIPPED!!! Haha it was soo funny.  Couldn't stop laughing.  I know she will get me back.
Me & Sister Maagad
But anyway.... another great week.  Both Sister Maagad and I have too loud of laughs so it sounds pretty much like a Rasmussen reunion when we are together.  I love her.

I love all of you!!! Thanks for everything.  I always think about and pray for you.

Love Sister Rasmussen

P.S.  My lesson learned this week is: no matter how down or sad you may feel, we are EXTREMELY blessed to have the gospel in our life.

I was feeling pretty down one day and we went to go teach this couple and they were seriously in the depths of despair.  They are always fighting and arguing, they feel they have no purpose in life, they have lost multiple possessions due to their debt, etc.  It was so sad to listen to them explain about everything they are going through and I realized how petty my problems were.  While listening, I knew that the only thing that could help them was the gospel.  God was really the thing missing in their lives.  By the end of the lesson the spirit was so strong and they can't wait for us to go back.  We are soooo blessed to have these simple truths in our lives.  Out of the billions of people... WE have the gospel.  I am so grateful.  We must do everything we can to share with our brothers and sisters who are perishing in the dark.  They are only kept from the truth because they don't know where to find it.

I love you!!!
 Sister Morales, Me, & Donna Espiritu.  I LOVE HER!!!

Just me with the sisters at district meeting.

Back - Sister Keleher, Sister Koi, Sister Taufa & Sister Dula & Me
Front -  
Sister Krisubanu & Sister Japus
Back - Sister Koi, Sister Taufa & Sister Dula & Sister Krisubanu,
Front - Me & Sister Japus
Back - Sister Koi, Sister Keleher, Me, Sister Taufa,
Sister Dula & Sister Krisubanu

Front - Me & Sister Japus

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