Monday, August 4, 2014

Pagpapakumbaba... humility

Hello Family!!!!

Ricky Me and Jane
Well of course not EVERY week can be amazing.  It has still been a good week, lots of miracles, but it was also a little bit hard.  Siyempre... missionary work is hard sometimes... but it is also the most fulfilling work in the world.  But it seems that the e-mail President Mangum sent out today was perfect.  That never once in the scriptures does it say that you must be successful.  But it ALWAYS requires sacrifice.  The outcome never matters as long as you know that you sacrificed your all.  And usually when you do sacrifice.... success takes care of itself.  
 Sister Tafiti, Me & The Acidilio Family (Veronico and Heron)

But I do feel that I have been humbled this week - I seem to be aware of all my weaknesses.  But I also know that it is necessary to humble yourself, come to the Lord in faith, and through the atonement the weaknesses become the very strengths.

Jenny Rose & me
Sister Jenny Rose is still getting baptized on Aug. 16 and she is so converted and so ready.  She truly was prepared of God and I just got to step in at the right time.  I think that she, along with the rest of us, will have a spiritual experience at her baptism.  

Sister Lero, Sister Pilayin, JennyRose, Me, & Tafiti

Lovely on the other hand... well.... Tuesday we were supposed to teach her and that morning we received multiple desperate, frantic texts from her mother asking if we knew where she was.  Apparently they woke up that morning and she was gone.  When we went to their house later that night, her mother was crying saying that she had just left to go to Manilla.  That apparently she was going to look for a job there.  Well of course all of us were sad.  So we were going to contact her later in the week and see if we could send some missionaries to her there.  Well two days later we passed by her house and her parents said that she had come home.  Apparently her Dad lied to her and told her that her mom was in the hospital (even though she wasn't) so that she would speedily come home.  Well she did.  We still feel like something is lacking - and we think that she hasn't yet received revelation through prayer that the Book of Mormon is true.  She is super masipag reading - after two weeks she is already in Jacob which is very rare for philippinos.  And she really wants to get baptized and changed... but we just feel like kulang pa.  Something is missing.  She also didn't come to church.  So this week we are really going to focus on her revelation through prayer and try and discern her needs to make sure she is truly converted and ready for baptism.

shaloom and me
We have had success with one less active RECENT CONVERT.  His name is Ricky and he is for sure one of my favorite members here in Calapan.  But a few weeks ago we went to go visit him and he was passed out on the floor drunk.  Kawawa naman.  We know that it is so important to retain the fruits.. especially the new ones (He was only baptized in December).  We taught him a super powerful lesson on the gospel of Jesus Christ.  He was brought to tears and wants to change.  Members and us have been visiting him, and he has been working on Family History.  
Brother Jeff Rayes, Sister Tafiti, Sister Lero, Wayne, & Me

On Saturday him, Wayne, and some other members went to do service to another less active's house.  (we cleaned out the jungle of weeds/grass in front of their house.  it looked AMAZING after.  I sent some pictures).  Him and Wayne both loved it and you could tell they felt so happy after serving. 

Well Ricky has been coming to church strong now and the less-active family that we served came to church (even though they were offended. a miracle in the Philippines).  Ricky worked with us to some other investigators and Wayne worked with the Elders on Friday and then went to Institute.  I just want to do everything I can to make sure that those new converts - especially mine - endure to the end.  So that was good!
Sister Tafiti,Wayne, & Me

You had asked if I like my housemates and I love them.  Siyemre I love Sister Hingano but I have become especially close to Sister Lero.  

She is the tiniest cutest funniest little 85 lb philippino you have ever seen.  Super fiery and an amazing missionary.  Often times during language study we'll help each other learn Tagalog and English, for her.  We'll sometimes make up little songs to remember words or how to pronounce 

things and we usually are laughing our heads off.  We have both been giving tongue twisters to each other in the opposite language.  Haha it's fun.  She is darling and I just feel like we knew each other in the pre-earth life. I have convinced her to come visit us after the mish and I will take her to temple square and skiing and all sorts of stuff.  And I told her that my mom would make her all the food she could dream of and she could STILL eat rice every day. haha.. so sana she will come. 

 Sunday dinner with the elders and that is papaya on the left.  Soooo good.

Elder Pulido with the Papaya
Last night Sister Tafiti had a huge headache and a really high fever so we went home a couple hours early.  Luckily my mom sent me to the Philippines with 18 months worth of medicine hahaha and so luckily I could help her out.  

Me and Sister Tafiti
I ended up massaging her head for an hour and telling her stories about my family and grandparents.  I think it made her feel better and took her mind off the pain a little bit.  I feel super close to Sister Tafiti and I will be very sad when we have to separate.  But I know that it is all according to God's will.  We must be willing to sacrifice:)

Jenny Rose, Sister Pilayin, Me & Sister Lero
I will just leave you with one of my favorite scriptures, that has helped me as I have been trying to humble myself.  The promised blessing truly is incredible.
D&C 67:10
“And again, verily I say unto you that it is your privilege, and apromise I give unto you that have been ordained unto this ministry, that inasmuch as you strip yourselves from jealousiesand fears, and humble yourselves before me, for ye are not sufficiently humble, the veil shall be rent and you shall see me and know that I am—not with the carnal neither natural mind, but with the spiritual.”
I love all of you so much.  Have fun in Lake Powell and keep the pictures of Jace coming.  He is so darling I can't handle it.  Nakakatuwa siya talaga.

I love you!!

Sister Rasmussen

Me with Sister Pilayin... one of the sweetest members I have ever met.

The Crew
Sister Hingano, Me, Sister Tafiti, & Sister Lero

Elder Shaw, me, Elder Parry, Elder Hammer, Elder Adamson, and Elder Pulido.
Elder Adamson, Sister Lero & Me
Elder Adamson, Sister Lero & Me

Jenny Rose's nephew & Me

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