Monday, March 17, 2014

Random Posts

This was a FHE at Sister Parico's house and there was one investigator there.  It was the investigator's birthday.  

We played this funny game trying to illustrate obedience.  They turned off all the lights and had us standing in a circle all holding on to a plate.  On the bottom of the plate was charcoal and we didn't know.  Then he gave a set of instructions that we were supposed to obey where we would spin the plate around and then grab our nose and touch our cheeks.  Anything he said to do we did.  Then we turned on the lights and there was black stuff all over our face.  So funny.  And we had delicious food there!  Sometimes delicious food is few and far between.

This is at Jane Rose's baptism.  She has been going to church for 5 months (when you are under 18 you have to be going consistently for at least 5 months) and she lives in the other sister's area so they baptized her.  It was really sweet and a good motivation for me to keep working.  

Jane Rose & Sister Dicen
Sister Hingano, Me, Sister Ott, & Sister Dicen

Me & Sister Hingano 

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