Monday, January 6, 2014


Yesterday was SOOOO COLD so my companion and me didn't go on the Temple walk.  Instead, we prepared our lesson for our Investigator today.  We still need to finish translating it though.  But I felt like it was our best companionship study yet.  We started off by both of us saying a prayer and the spirit was strong.  I feel like we resolved a few more mis-communications in our companionship and it was really good.  Since yesterday was fast Sunday, we had mission conference instead and the biggest thing that I learned was that I need to have even more faith in Heavenly Father.  That he will help us to teach with the spirit, learn the language, and help us to develop the Christ-like attributes that we are working on.  The two that I am really trying to work on right now are faith and diligence.  I am still trying to learn how to make better use of my time.  Sometimes I just feel like there is so much to learn with the language and the scriptures and teaching and doctrine...that I just don't know where to start.  But I know that you just need to take it one step at a time.

 I heard from Morgan Murdock and she said that the language was rough for her as well but she has been out 5 months and feels like she can almost understand everything and say what she wants to say.  She says that she has a big testimony of obedience.  OK so guess who I saw in the Cafeteria yesterday?!?!? First I was getting creamery ice cream because they have it on Sundays, and the girl who was scooping my ice cream was like "Hey!!!" And I did not recognize her at all and then I looked closer and guess who it was.... SHARLEE!!!  It was so fun to see her and anytime I see someone that I know I get really excited.

I live in the MTC so we just walk to all of our buildings which are all so close together.  Today we are doing our first session in the temple. I am tired by the time 10:30 comes around so it isn't hard for me to fall asleep but it is still pretty hard to wake up at 6:30 am but during the day I feel rested. Guess who else I ran into yesterday!!! That red-headed Whitney girl from Skyline.  She is deaf.  Do you remember Julie and me going to hang out with her a couple of times.  She will be serving in California.  She is so cute.  I need to tell Julie.

I am so happy about the progress that is happening with those in your service ward:)  You are blessing people's lives!!!

 Sister Temwaaka Smiling :)
I love the story about the sister missionaries too.  I loved that when I met them I could tell that they were still themselves.  They still had personality.  A lot of people told me to remember on my mission to keep being myself because sometimes it is easy to become a robot.  You can still be obedient and spiritual without completely losing your personality.

Haha my companion eats the funniest things.  Her favorite foods include: potatoes, rice, fish, ketchup, chocolate, orange soda, and oranges.  Haha I try to help her eat more variety and vegetables but she doesn't like it.
It is funny to see some of the cultural differences.  Last night we watched a really cool movie called "Mountain of the Lord" and it is about the construction of the Salt Lake Temple.  It is super interesting...but the whole time my companion would start laughing or talk really loud or say,"woahhhh" or "wow" really loud and I kept having to kind of shush her but it was so funny.                       
And it's hilarious because sometimes she will be really goofy or say kind of weird things and Elder Wooden will give her the weirdest looks...because he is a jock type and anyway....he just doesn't get it at all and it makes me laugh even harder.

Sister Johnson, Sister Potolo, Sister Ramsy, Me, Sister Temwaaka , Sister Carter, Elder Williamson & Elder Wooden

Anyway, in the movie they said something really cool at the end.  At first, the Saints petitioned to have our state named Deseret, but it was named Utah after the Ute indians.  Well Utah literally translates to "in the top of the mountains" and Isaiah prophesied that the House of the Lord (Salt Lake Temple) would be built in the top of the mountains and all nations would flow unto it.  I thought that was super cool but you should watch the movie.  It's amazing.

Me, Sister Johnson & Sister Temwaaka 

I don't think that I have changed that much, but I do see how much more important spiritual knowledge is than temporal knowledge.  We should be feasting out of the scriptures every day. Obviously school is important and I want to do my best and learn...but the most important thing that we can do is help our spirits to learn. 

Love you!!!! You're in my prayers.

Mahal Kita!

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