Monday, February 2, 2015

Mabuhay February!!

"Live February !!"
Magandang Buhay! (beautiful life)

Hello my beautiful family.  I am still amazed at the way each week flies right over my head.  How is this going so fast?  I only have 3 more transfers left :(  But..... I will make them the best.  Thank you for writing me and supporting me.  It means a lot.  

As this was one of the last weeks that Sis. K has here on the mission, we really pushed ourselves.  This last week we got 200 OYM's.  Haha I never even dreamed of talking to that many people in one week.  Every night we basically fell into our beds... but so happy knowing that we did our best and talked to as many people as possible.  The interesting thing is... you would think that because we had talked to so many people we would have had less lessons, but this week we had the most lessons that either one of us has ever gotten on our mission.  We really exercised our faith this week - and I think that is why we have been so happy every day.

This has been another awesome week.  I went on exchanges on Tuesday and we went to visit Conching.  Originally she said that she was too busy for us to come because she is a seamstress and had a lot of projects.  But then she changed our mind and let us come teach her.  During her lesson, one of her friends was there visiting her and Conching convinced her to stay and listen to us teach (she is so anxious to share the gospel).  Then as we were leaving, she decided to come with us to visit a less active and another investigator.  CONCHING IS AMAZING!  Honestly, my cheeks hurt after she worked with us because I was smiling from ear to ear for 2 hours straight.  She would just come in whenever she felt prompted by the spirit and she has such a strong testimony about every principle of the gospel.  She herself would extend the commitments to those we were teaching... example, "I invite you to exercise your faith in Jesus Christ and come to church this Sunday.  Will you come?"  Hahaha Sister Williams and I were watching with our jaws to the floor.  Members never do anything like that.  It was perfect.  To our investigator Girlie, who at first didn't want to come to church, Conching bore a strong testimony of keeping the Sabbath Day Holy.  She said that before, she would work every day of the week.  That she would be too tired to leave the house.  She always felt weak and tired.  But now as she sets that day apart for the Lord, and makes time every day for sincere prayers and serious scripture study (She is always reading the Book of Mormon or gospel Principles Book), she has so much more energy, she is actually making more money at her work, she takes pride in her appearance and goes out often.  Because she lives the doctrine she has such a firm testimony because she knows it is true.  She is a walking example of Ether 12:6.  She is such an example to me.  Mom and Dad... I can't WAIT for you to meet her.  Anyway, by the end of that lesson, Girlie felt the spirit and desired to come to church.  One of the members sort of joked with Conching and said, "Conching maybe you should go on a mission!"  Conching replied, "If that's the Lord's plan for me... then of course!"  She is so serious.  I don't care if I had 300 baptisms.... nothing is as fulfilling as seeing someone converted.  Not just baptized.  I'm not even saying it is me or Sister K.  But Conching has followed all of those little promptings of the spirit until she is coming to the point of full conversion.  In those few hours we spent with her... I felt a fullness of joy.  I can't wait to stand with her at the last day, knowing that I played a small part in her conversion.

Sister Kekauoha & Me
Do you remember the Dela Cruz?  That super poor couple that was progressing like crazy? Well out of NOWHERE they told us that they don't want to listen to us anymore.  I think it has something to do with Angelica's family being Catholic.  She still reads her Book of Mormon all the time, but they said they really don't want to listen.  We convinced them to let us teach them one more time on Wednesday... so we'll see what happens.  But after that appointment, we went and taught Connie who has turned out to be an amazing investigator.  Sometimes so amazing, I don't even know how to take in everything she shares with us.  She only read the first 12 verses of the Book of Mormon, and at first we were a little disappointed, but then she shared everything she learned, dissecting each part of the story, and applying it to her life.  I haven't taught anyone yet who has understood the scriptures like that.  She has a son who is handicapped and has sort of been searching for the truth her whole life.  She is super interested in the Plan of Salvation and everything that is going to happen after we die.  The only problem is she really wants her whole family to be taught and baptized but we can't find the time to teach her husband!  It's not that he doesn't want to, it's just that we can't find the time.  As for Connie, she said that every time we teach her she feels so different and it's like she doesn't want to let us leave.  She really ponders everything we teach her.  I have a good feeling about her future!

Thursday, we had interviews with President which went really well.  While we were waiting, Sister Mangum and Sister Galbraith prepared a presentation about food and health.  They are trying to get the missionaries to eat more fruits and vegetables.  They showed us how to make 3 easy quick meals and then let us try them.  Apparently most missionaries are malnourished by 6 months out on the mission.  Haha I felt pretty proud because I always make sure to eat fruits and veggies.... haha even packing them and taking them out while we're proselyting.  It is difficult here though... I am pretty sure all the Philippinos are malnourished.  Their diet consists mostly of bread, rice, and meat.  Anyway... just an interesting fact.

I think that are next baptism will be Aldine.  He is progressing super well and is really excited for his baptism.  His wife, France, is a member and is always cooking for us.  Anyway... he originally wanted to be baptized on his wife's birthday but missed church for a couple weeks so he is set for February 28.  He will hopefully get baptized with Jhanelle Salvador (the daughter of the couple that Sister Brown talked about in her homecoming).  It was awesome - last night we did a Family Home Evening with the Salvador family and the Barcena's family.  We were basically crying laughing it was so fun.  It was so good to see that they were building friendships too as we still feel like they both don't have a lot of friends in the ward.

Me & Sister Kekauoha

We have a lot more investigators that we are really excited about, but we'll see if they progress and then I'll let you know next week.  This morning, we went to TayTay falls as a zone.  It was BEAUTIFUL and I sent pictures.  We got to walk in the beautiful, crystal clear water and then we played games on the way home.

That's about it.  I love all of you so much!! Thank you for your love and support!! I know that this work is 100% true.  I feel it in my bones.  I can't deny it.  Despite all of our weaknesses, mine included, this work will push forward.  Jesus Christ is at the head.

Mahal ko po kayo!!

Sister Rasmussen

Sister Koi (hahah she is getting trained right now. she is AWESOME!), Me & Sister K
Sister Koi & Me
Me, Sister Dula, and Sister Williams
Me, Sister Dula, and Sister Williams
Sister K, Me and Sister Krisubanu
Front - Sister K, Me, Elder Wanoa & Elder Alos
Back - Elder & Elder Adamson

Elder Hart, Elder Adamson, Me & Sister K

Me & Sister Dula

Sister Williams, Sister Krisubanu, Sister Koi, & Sister Kelleher
Me & Sister Kekauoha

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