Monday, November 10, 2014



Hello Family!!

Well I have finally felt that it is rainy season because it rains almost every day and every night and another one of my umbrellas broke so I need to get a new one.

This could also be another reason that Sister Martinez and I both got sick AGAIN.  Oh my goodness... this has been another really hard week and a test of faith.  I never anticipated getting sick this much.  Sister Martinez woke up Sunday night with a high fever and body aches everywhere.  Apparently she tried to wake me up and I didn't budge because I was too deeply asleep (big surprise.. I felt super bad.)  But luckily, Sister Hingano woke up and took care of her.  Then she was feeling a little better and the next night I got the same thing.  Apparently it is happening all over the mission and they are emphasizing that if you get sick to stay in so that you can get better.  We stayed in but it lasted so long.  I thought that I was better, but when we were out I got a fever again and I thought I was 80 years old because my back hurt so bad haha.  Sister Martinez was really good about taking care of me.

But it has just been a little bit discouraging, and by the end of the week I was so sick of our apartment and being inside.  We went and taught here and there and the one day that we went out the whole day, we got punted literally all day (the first time that has happened on my mission), which means that we only had one appointment because no one else was home.  But I tried to just keep a smile on my face and keep pushing.

We are really excited about one little (really little) 20 year old investigator named Estelita, who actually lives far away but has now come to church 4 times.  She is really interested and is progressing, and as long as she continues will get baptized in no time.  But we are still continuing to find whole families to teach.  The Philippines really needs whole families and worthy Priesthood holders.  Ryan and Joanne are facing some major trials.  They really want to get married and baptized but because of Ryan's birth certificate, in order to get the paperwork ready, it is going to take about another 3 months.  But we explained that until then they just need to continue to obey the commandments - read, pray, and go to church.  They can basically act like members until they officially become members.  We weren't able to see Randy and Erika this week but there are also some problems to try and get them married and so it will also be a while.  However, Randy has successfully continued not to drink or smoke for about 2 weeks now, which is also a miracle that he didn't break it on "all soul's day" last week.

As for our other investigators, considering that we had a weak week.... I will let you know after we work our bums off THIS week, and follow up with them.

I did have some good laughs this week as I have come to realize that burping, really loud in public, is considered perfectly normal here.  During our Sunday School class one of our investigator's (Her name is Karing and she is about 70 years old) full on belched.  No one even flinched, but I couldn't help but laugh and was having a hard time stopping.  Also, I had a moment of success last night as everyone else had gone to bed early and I spotted a baby cockroach on my bed.  I had no other choice but to swipe it off with my own hand and kill it, because there was no one else awake to save the day.  Lucky for me it was just a baby.

This week has been another trial of my faith, but I am excited to work super hard for this last week and 3 days here in Calapan.  I am confident that even this week we can find an entire family who is prepared for the gospel.

I need your prayers.  I miss you lots.
Love, Sister Rasmussen

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