Monday, October 13, 2014

Maligayang Kaarawan kay Gregorio!!

"Happy Birthday with Gregorio !!"

Hello po family!!!

I first just want to say Happy Late Birthday to Greg.  I thought about you all yesterday, but I guess that I can still send this in time for it to arrive to you on your birthday.  I hope you know that I love you so much.  I am so grateful for your example and everything you have taught me as your little sister.  I am so proud of your hard work and the things that you are accomplishing in your life right now.  I love you and I am excited to visit you again para maglokohan and magtawanan tayo.  (which means in order to go crazy, make fun of, and laugh together).

Well this week was severely halted with crazy utility problems.  These were definitely not the types of trials that I anticipated before coming on my mission.  Basically our water bill has been 500 pesos, give or take, every month for the whole year.  But last month it spiked up to 2,800 pesos which means it was almost 6x as much!!  We went through a lot of trouble trying to have them come check the meter and ended up spending about 3 days, 4 hours each, in their office.  Finally, they came to the conclusion that the meter IS broken.  But, because it appears to be moving slowly, we still have to pay the full bill, AND pay for the meter test, which makes no sense.  But.... I guess that is just one aspect of living here in the Philippines.  There are some good things and conveniences about living there in America:)  (Beau... haha)

Anyway... I guess it is just Satan's way of attacking the work.  On top of that I got really sick for a couple days and am still recovering.  But this week Sister Martinez and I have set some really high goals and have recommitted our faith in the Savior.  We are really excited about what is going to happen.  I got another blessing for my sickness.... I know.... kawawa.... but it said that if I would consecrate myself more to the Lord, then I would be healed and would see miracles in our work.  So.... we are both committed to consecrating ourselves this week. I still have about half my mission ahead of me and I want to make use of every minute.

Sister Lero got replaced by Sister Casila (another Philippina) and she is super sweet and funny.  There is a completely different feeling in the apartment.  We are all laughing and loving one another.  It sounds silly talking about it or that that even has to be an issue among missionaries.

The weather is pretty moderate.  Sometimes it will rain but it hasn't affected us too much.  It just kind of seems the same haha.  I love it though and I hate going in Air Conditioned rooms.
I know that conference was a week ago for you but we watched it this weekend and it was AMAZING!!! HOLY COW.  This one touched me like none other!!  I really loved  Neil Anderson's, Christofferson’s, Holland’s, Jorg Klebingot’s and Scott's talk about faith and the emotion with which he delivered it.  I challenge you to all read it again.  I can already forsee the challenges and temptations that I will face when I go home back to BYU.  It is easy to become distracted by the things that have much less importance.  But we have to prioritize.  Nothing... really nothing... even sleep... is more important than our sincere, kneeling prayers, scripture study, and temples.  I pray for you and I to keep the resolve to not just say but actually do these small things daily, and weekly, even with all of the distractions of life.

I know that I will have more interesting things to report to you next week.  I thank you for your love and prayers.  I love you!

Sister Rasmussen

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